Drawing: A Big Evolution

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Drawings demand to be changed over time through process—they are always evolving. This evolution will serve as the foundation for this highly creative drawing course. In class, students will work on observational and idea-based drawings over extended periods of time. They will work on each project in class for approximately two weeks and bring it to a finished state outside of class. Through varied, in-depth projects, they will gain a greater understanding of the techniques of drawing and learn to combine ideas and mediums in personal, thought-provoking ways. The choice of medium will be flexible and varied and will include charcoal, graphite, ink, pastel, conte, color pencil, etc. Additionally, students will be asked to directly address the scale of their drawings—from very small, intricate works to large-scale, exuberant pieces. The subjects of the drawings will vary widely as well—from detailed drawings of the human figure to abstract, conceptual drawings in color. Some additional subjects may include space, memory, time, narrative, installation, collage, imagination, collaboration, movement and time, color, and humor. Permeating all of this will be an investigation into ways of introducing content into the work. What will your drawings be about? Independent work outside of class is required. Studio practice will be reinforced through discussion, occasional written work, readings, slides, and gallery/museum visits. A studio visit with an artist in New York City will also be scheduled.