Animation: Claymation and Puppets

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Open, Small seminar—Year

In this hit-the-ground-running stop-motion animation course, students will build sets of their own design, storyboard, direct, and shoot a series of short animations. Topics will include basic puppet construction, advanced set building, one-part molds, replacement heads, storyboarding, and animation. Throughout the year, we will engage in an exploration of aesthetics and techniques involved in the conceptualization, design, and production of direct animation in claymation and puppetry. The class incorporates a survey of the tools and techniques to successfully create cinematic lighting and design staging, timing, camera use, and action analysis. Fall semester students will develop skills through a series of short group and individual projects. In the spring semester, each student will have the opportunity to develop a more extensive film project for conference work. Emphasis will be placed on experimental story development, exploration, and refined, intellectually demanding, aesthetically progressive concepts in animation filmmaking. This course is open to all unconventional and adventurous students who are interested in personal expression and in animation as a highly dynamic, ever-evolving art form. No prior experience is necessary. Limited enrollment: 8 students