Introduction: Applying to Sarah Lawrence College

Sarah Lawrence welcomes students with a diversity of educational goals. As different as their interests and pursuits are from each other, our students share a few essential characteristics: they are inquisitive, they are adventurous, and they are passionate learners. They seek connections between the arts and the sciences, between the historical and the contemporary. They are as comfortable confronting primary texts as they are confident pursuing lines of original thought.

Sarah Lawrence is interested in both the intellectual and personal development of each student, and tries to gauge each applicant's unique strengths and promise in a comprehensive and caring way. Recognizing that intellectual promise, motivation and creativity manifest themselves differently in each individual, we consider many factors in addition to traditional academic criteria when making admission decisions.

Because we value strong writing skills and the clear expression of interests, perspectives and goals, the Committee on Admission looks closely at an applicant's response to the essay and short-answer questions. At the same time, we emphasize the importance of a solid secondary school program as the foundation for a Sarah Lawrence education. Your transcript gives us an objective measure of performance, and your counselor and teacher recommendations lend important context to your academic and personal contributions.

Beginning with the Fall 2013 application cycle, we will accept SAT and ACT test results from applicants who choose to submit them. The submission of standardized tests is optional. Along with your transcripts, test scores may provide additional evidence of your academic achievements and potential. However, Sarah Lawrence is committed to a holistic review process, and we know that standardized testing may not accurately reflect the potential and contributions of all students. If you decide not to submit your test scores, you will not, in any way, diminish your application.

Additionally, a student’s contributions to their community and time spent outside the classroom through extracurricular activities will be considered.

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For detailed instructions and all the materials you'll need to apply to Sarah Lawrence, please select the link that describes you:

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If you've already started your application, you can (and should!) check in on MySLC throughout the application process to make sure we've received everything and that deadlines are being met. Here's how:

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